William getting inspired by nature, in the temperate rain forest in Olypmic National Park. 

William Ngan

Man... knows only when he is satisfied and when he suffers, and only his sufferings and his satisfactions instruct him to concern himself, teach him what to seek and what to avoid. For the rest, man is a confused creature; he knows not whence he comes or whither he goes, he knows little of the world, and above all, he knows little of himself.

— Goethe

My life in 140 characters:

Grew up in HK. Studied in UK. A Canadian with US green card. MA RCA. Googler. 6xComputer, 1xWife. Love xbox, hate gym. Many futile dreams.

You can follow my mundane existence (and perhaps occassional insights) at Twitter: @williamngan.

— 2000. 01. 01

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