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Update Based on user feedbacks, I have added 2 new scripts which let you save (instead of export) the layers as separate AI and PDF file. You need Illustrator CS4+ to use the save scripts.

A little Adobe Illustrator script to ease those repetitive strain sufferings...

This script automatically exports each layer in an Illustrator file as a separate PNG or PDF, in 3 easy steps:

  1. Layer names will become the file names. Rename if needed.

  2. Run the script (File > Scripts > Other Scripts... or use shortcut key Ctrl-F12).

  3. Find the exported files in the same folder as your original Illustrator file.

A test Illustrator file (test.pdf) is included in the zip. Give it a try.

These are experimental scripts, hopefully will be useful to you. Please share joy and report bug.

— 2009. 04. 08

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