About Metaphorical.net

Oh, the moments of inspiration and beauty! Strange visions and thoughts float above my head like soap bubbles. They lift up my spirit, startle my mind, then they pop.

Indeed, modern life is full of steely obligations -- meeting, cleaning, cooking, flossing -- from which I cannot turn away. The moments of inspiration, interposed between the muddles of life, are too soon extinguished and forgotten.

Gradually, I shape my sense of self to the shape of bell curve, align my tongue to the bullet-point poetry of business, and optimize my heart rate to the pace of treadmill. Life is once again reduced to rushed meals, bad coffee, bullshits to-and-fro, and a sore spine.

To let a day go by without intellectual excitement, without a passionate attitude for art and beauty, without an eager appreciation of lovely useless little things around us… is to surrender myself, alas, to the "zombification" of the heart.

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