Metaphorical | shape Various notes tagged with Shape Copyright %2018 Taking a line for a walk Paul Klee once said drawing is taking a line for a walk. Zen artists believed that the vitality of a line can express spiritual insights. But in the domain of digital art, the line often remains a crude, perhaps anti-aliased, element.

These code examples explore the the craft of a line in Java/Processing code. Let's take it for some algorithmic walks.

The source code includes several packages of Java classes, and my home-brew Vector math library (probably inefficient for serious graphics need.) I recommend using an IDE such as Eclipse to try them out.

Also see the related video, and a related work called Mosumi.

P.S. I will be speaking about this and other things in the We Love Techonology conference in Sheffield UK next week.

2010-02-04 00:05:10
Curly Frame Found another piece of forgotten code inside a dusty folder. Let's clean it up.

It displays a distorted frame that interacts with cursor position. It signifies the abstract emotional state of a drunken mermaid in love... Just kidding.

Originally created for a Hong Kong TV production company, in time immemorial.

2007-04-14 00:32:23
Bezier Path Just updated a piece of old code into Actionscript 3 / Flex.

This is a simple forward-differencing algorithm that animates a point moving along a bezier curve.

Drag any of the control point or end points to modify the bezier curve.

2007-04-11 09:08:46
GingerBread Ginger cinnamon dough has a natural tendency to form a gingerbread man.

Wish you a warm, merry, and a bit spicy Christmas!

2006-12-24 20:47:11
Visual Illusions I developed these sketches originally as motion graphics commissioned by IDEO, for displaying on Interactive Cube, a 4-meter display in Vodafone Portugual's headquarters.

Here I reduced the colors to grayscale, to focus more on the effects of visual illusion.

  • Cafe Wall: a well-known illusion first described by Richard Gregory in 1973. Here the illusion becomes a wave-like animation, whose magnitude changes depending on the cursor position.

  • Rectangles: A grid of rotating rectangles within rectangles creates a glittering effect.

  • Disc: An animation of twisting radial lines generates a rather hypnotic pattern.

Probably not suitable for people who may suffer vertigo and seizure.

2003-03-17 19:52:19