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An illustration (shared here) and some thoughts on the June 4th Movement in Beijing 20 years ago. Details of the June 4th Movement can be found at Open Past.


那年我十一歲,小學六年級。那年我第一次參加遊行,第一次感受社會動盪,第一次體會生命的意義和價值。我們這一代,在這二十年與中國一起成長的孩子和青年,也許可稱作「六四世代/Generation 6.4.」。










2009-06-04 00:10:30
Homage to Instant Noodle We shall miss you, Mr. Momofuku Ando. The inventor of instant noodles passed away, aged 96.

I love this high sodium low fiber food. Through my slurping past, I have discovered many of its virtues:

  • It is a good dinner for poor college students.
  • It prevents hangover after heavy drinking.
  • It soothes the mind at dawn, exhausted after a night of work.
  • It promotes comradeship, when hungry roomates share a cup of noodles.
  • It tastes like good old MSG.

Like wine, cheese, truffles, oyster, and cigar, an appreciation of its quality needs to be acquired, by a sharpened sense of taste, through countless years of slurping —

What is the texture of the noodles? How complex are the flavours of the soup base? Quality of the sesame oil? Quality of dried vegetables and seafood? MSG too weak or too overwhelming? Are the plastic packages easy to open? How gratifying is the after-taste?

However, Mr Ando drew his Cup Noodle inspiration from black market stalls, where he saw poor people queue to get hot ramen during the hard times after World War II.

Nowadays, you can find the premium instant noodles sell for more than the price of one whole rotisserie chicken.

2007-01-17 21:56:33
Gadget Cat My childhood hero is this robotic cat, who lives with a middle-class family, takes gadgets out of his Kangaroo-like magic pocket and saves the day. What are Doraemon’s gadgets?

  • Gravity Paint: paint it on the wall, and the wall becomes the ground!

  • Raining Umbrella: open it and it rains!

  • Girlfriend directory: find all your future girlfriends’ information!

  • Memory bread: write notes on it, eat it, and you will remember it!

  • Story shoes: wear the shoes and walk into the world inside the story book!

  • Totalitarian button: make a person vanish by simply pressing the button!

It is sad that Doraemon is no more, and I have grown up.

2005-11-15 00:46:09